About the AOA iLEARN Mentor Program


The AOA strongly believes that mentoring is an essential component of the learning experience for students, interns, residents and young physicians. As iLEARN mentors, experienced DOs bring expertise and empathy to help guide their mentees, and can learn from and reach mutual understanding with their inexperienced counterparts. Most importantly, mentoring provides participants in the program with the support and guidance they seek to become osteopathic physicians who are dedicated to the goals of the profession. Since osteopathic medicine places its emphasis on treating patients, not just symptoms, the AOA believes that iLEARN mentees become physicians who are first and foremost dedicated to the importance of quality health care and the patient/physician relationship.

The AOA iLEARN Mentor Program concept originated in 2003, by then AOA President, Darryl Beehler, DO.  Dr. Beehler’s theme, “Year of the Mentor,” demonstrated the AOA's dedication to connecting all generations of DOs to mutually educate and guide one another.  Subsequent AOA presidential themes have included "Year of Patient Centered, Quality Care," "Pride in the Profession," and "Back to Basics."  These themes echo the goals and ideas of the AOA iLEARN Mentor Program: supporting patient-centered osteopathic physicians and the tenants of the osteopathic medical profession.

The AOA iLEARN Mentor Program is composed of three parts: the AOA Mentor Exchange Program; the AOA Mentor Hall of Fame; and the AOA Mentor Recognition Program.

Sign up to be a mentor and/or find a mentor through the  AOA Mentor Exchange. Here you can create a profile as a mentor, a mentee, or both! 

Visit the AOA Mentor Hall of Fame to view a list of all nominees for the AOA Mentor of the Year Award and to view video interviews of the AOA Mentor of the Year and the finalists. 

Nominate your mentor for the AOA Mentor of the Year Award and learn more about the AOA Mentor Recognition Program, in association with Pfizer Inc., which seeks to honor and recognize mentors in the osteopathic medical profession. Nominations for the AOA Mentor of the Year Award are accepted year-round.